Combine Cambodia and South Korea
Other Suggested Itineraries:
   Bangkok - Siem Reap - Phuket
Combine Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong with flights between cities.
6 nts from $1,844
   Seoul - Taipei
Combine Seoul and Taipei with flights between cities.
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   Seoul - Tokyo
Combine Seoul and Tokyo with flights between cities.
6 nts from $1,999
   Siem Reap - Bangkok
Combine Siem Reap and Bangkok with flights between cities.
6 nts from $2,871
   Siem Reap - Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
Combine Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) with flights between cities.
6 nts from $1,453
   Siem Reap - Singapore
Combine Siem Reap (Cambodia) and Singapore with flights between cities and enjoy the opportunity to visit one of the wonders of the world, Angkor Wat Temples, the largest religious structure in the world.
6 nts from $1,819
   Beijing - Seoul - Tokyo
Combine Beijing, vibrant mix of history and modernity; Seoul, largest city in South Korea and one of East Asia`s financial and cultural epicenters; Tokyo, huge and fascinating metropolis.
9 nts from $1,806
   Ho Chi Minh - Hanoi - Siem Reap - Bangkok
Combine Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Siem reap, Bangkok with flight between cities.
8 nts from $1,849
   Seoul - Jeju Island - Shanghai

Discover Seoul, an exciting city to explore with grand temples, extravagant palaces and historical gateways. Then fly to Jeju Island, the `Pearl of Korea`, and one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world; and to complete your journey, visit Shanghai `Paris of the Orient` and one of Asia`s most progressive cities.

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   Seoul - Shanghai

Combine Seoul, one of the largest cities in the world and the national capital of South Korea; and Shanghai, China`s biggest and most prosperous city where its modernity is evidenced by the ambitious skyline in the Pudong Economic Zone and the gorgeous night scenes of the Huangpu River, when its immense towers dance in unison.

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   Seoul - Busan - Jeju - Shanghai - Beijing
Combine some of the most populous cities of South Korea and China.

Seoul, Busan and Jeju, with its fascinating pre-historic sites, majestic forts and palaces, national parks, verdant valleys, rippling waterfalls and golden beaches. Shanghai and Beijing, China`s two greatest cities with very different atmospheres. Beijing, a seamless blend of ancient imperial wonders and modern capital city. Shanghai, a seamless blending of Eastern and Western cultures.
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   Seoul - Beijing - Shanghai - Hong Kong
Explore the warm and friendly metropolis of Seoul, famous for its ancient temples, palaces, skyscrapers and markets; and discover three very different sides of China - walk back in time along the Great Wall in Beijing, walk the futuristic streets of Shanghai and soak in the vibrant pulse of Hong Kong.
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   Hong Kong-Bangkok-Siem Reap-Phnom Penh-Krabi

Explore South East Asia!
Hong Kong, Thailand and Cambodia

Visit Hong Kong and be amazed by the diverse contrasts and close proximity of stunning cityscapes and soaring mountains. Bangkok, Thailand`s capital city, a modern, exciting, and sophisticated city. Krabi, top tourist destination with plentiful natural attractions including, white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, extensive coral reefs, numerous caves and waterfalls, and over 130 islands. Phnom Penh, charismatic capital of Cambodia; and Siem Reap with its own right thanks to a gorgeous riverside location and a cultural renaissance.

10 nts from $2,633
   Thailand - Cambodia - Malaysia
Combine Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia with flights.
13 nts from $3,070
   Thailand and Cambodia
15 nts from $3,494
   Thailand, Laos and Cambodia - NEW
A magical journey that will take you back in time. After exploring Bangkok and the beautiful North of Thailand you will head to charming, tranquil, laid-back Laos, where you can explore the unique temple architecture of Luang Prabang. Away to the south visit Cambodia, a country shaped by tragedy, where everyone you meet will have a story to tell. Enjoy two full days in Siem Reap and discover the magnificent Khmer ruins of Angkor. To complete your trip enjoy a few nights in Phuket, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia with magical blue-green colored water and an idyllic atmosphere.What a wonderful combination!
13 nts from $3,137
   Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam-Singapore-Hong Kong

These exotic destinations attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and never fails to mesmerize them. Enjoy Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong; and discover some of the most beautiful scenery in the region. Grand palaces, inspiring temples, dynamic shows, exotic nightlife, delicious cuisines...or ride an elephant into the jungle near Chiang Mai, everything about this journey is special and possibilities are endless in this magical tour.

16 nts from $3,222
   Ho Chi Minh - Nha Trang - Siem Reap
Combine Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang and Siem Reap with flights between cities.
9 nts from $2,235
   Tokyo - Kyoto - Seoul
Combine Tokyo, Kyoto and Seoul with train and flights between cities.
9 nts from $2,097
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